Henri-James Tieleman

My professional background lies in a global network at the executive level focused in the United States and China, and in specific countries in Europe.

Moreover, currently involved in many international business developments specifically in the water industry, negotiating in three languages. The multi-cultural knowledge that I have acquired through my past work and extensive traveling, has built personal professional qualities including persuasive problem solving and ease in public speaking.

The academics that I have earned from renowned institutions in the United States, along with my diverse background and education from Europe, allows me adapting and understanding the various professional difficulties; at the executive and management levels with a clear perspective by using specific management people skills, critical towards achieving successful task force projects under strict guidelines in different sectors of the economy.

In the last 10 years, my professional focus has been in the water generation industry, managing special R&D projects and towards developing innovative water emergency solutions.

Specialties: International Business Negotiation, Strategic Alliances, Business Development in the US, EU, and Asia, in telecommunication, high-tech products & software marketing/distribution apparel manufacturing and heavy industrial manufacturing, sourcing and planning.

Fluent in: French, English and Italian; conversational in Spanish and Dutch.
Hold a USA Green Card, Italian and Dutch citizenship.