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Genius Partners Inc.

is a boutique consulting firm focusing on small and medium companies thinking launching a new product or a new service, with objective of strategically penetrating its local market and/or penetrating into new markets

The core expertise we offer is building a business plan based on innovating commercial and promotional campaign strategies while using economically the tools on hand working with the existing human resources towards reaching the common set goals and objectives by the team in place.

We offer not only a complete business consulting support, we offer a state of the art graphic experts, sustained by an online expertise allowing launching immediately the adopted marketing and promotional campaign effectively without incurring extraordinary costs by using third parties professionals.

Lastly, the working synergy proposition from Genius Partners corporate and entrepreneurial expertise will sustain the best tailored and most adapted business solution to any company striving to launch its new product or new service to their local market and/or to key international markets.

Important support on the production / assembly

Lastly, some important support will be supplied on the production/assembly making sure best production practice is adopted with the local production team and companies in the selected country, while also vetting the Engineers and employees within the company professional team, making sure the staff and/or the new staff on board will sustain the key strategic plan agreed by the company to be implemented accordingly.

Promoting the products

Furthermore, discussion about promoting the products in the country and possibly outside of that particular country, with existing customers keen towards using new products will be discussed, and accordingly a strategy implementation adopted to that end. Genius Partners will communicate with new generated customers motivating them working with the company leading to increasing its sales and production volume in the selected country.

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