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Why Everyone Chooses Us?

Why Everyone Chooses Us?

Genius Partners, Inc. is a boutique consulting firm focusing on small/medium companies thinking launching a new product or a new service, with objective of strategically penetrating its local market and/or penetrating into new markets. The core expertise we offer is building a business plan based on innovating commercial and promotional campaign strategies while using economically the tools on hand working with the existing human resources toward...

Boutique Entrepreneurial Consulting Firm

Offering the most ethical and innovative business consulting advice to small and medium companies by developing profitable strategies encompassing all of its industry needs towards penetrating new local markets and beyond.

We Believe in Your Idea

Genius Partners: an expert in small medium size company’s strategical, commercial and general production operation consulting, the Partners will offer its overall know-how towards starting his commercial business and production operation in the selected geographical area.

Meet Our Team

With degrees from prestigious business and engineering schools, they share a deep knowledge of business processes along with strong background in change management. In complement, they continuously improve their skills through regular training sessions and returns of experience from other assignments. They can intervene at all phases of projects, from early stages (framing, solution design) up to implementation, in support to operational actors. For more information click on the portraits of our consultants.
Henri-James Tieleman
Henri-James Tieleman
My professional background lies in a global network at the executive level focused in the United States and China, and i...
Oren Saar
Oren Saar
Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the electrical and electronic manufacturin...
Sébastien Sarramegna
Sébastien Sarramegnaébastien-sarramegna/9b/37/221 Gérant – Associé / Manager - Associate ...